Peakfeat is security

The main database is made up of users (videos uploaded and pubic profile details) and the rankings that they create. There are also the interactions that take place between one user and another, and between a player and a manager/scout. Everything is strictly moderated with regard to videos and requests for contact. All videos will be moderated and approved by our team, which may refuse to publish them if the rules are not observed. With Peakfeat, there's no messing around. If even part of our rules of particiation or rights in relation to another user's privacy are breached, Peakfeat will cancel the user from the platfrm and reserve the right to take legal action against said user, or report him to the local/international policing authorities. Read our privacy policy.

Maximum protection of minors

To offer you the utmost security, all registered users can be displayed with a nickname and limits can be placed on the data that can be seen on your profile. No sensitive data will be presented to the public, so users cannot be reached in any way, without the acceptance of explicit conditions when signing up. The platfrm allows registered and identified operators in the sector to directly contact only those who have given specific consent and, for users under the age of 14, the parental consent and involvement procedure will be applied in relation to thse who have declared their legal guardianship when creating the account profile. Messages will not be received from other users without acceptance woth the contract. Read our terms and conditions of use.